If you are looking for strip clubs in Dallas, we promise there is no dearth of options. As in any industry, some places are definitely better than others. Guests often have amazing fantasies in mind while entering a club, but it’s important to know the ground rules. Dallas strip clubs may also have certain rules of their own and the level of contact they allow with the strippers, so there is no harm in asking in advance. In this post, we are guiding you further on strip club etiquette in general.

Have fun, but don’t misbehave with the strippers

You are obviously visiting a strip club for fun, but don’t assume the entry to be a license to misbehave with the girls there. Strippers are entertainers, and while some guests believe that they double up as escorts, it isn’t true. Also, don’t assume that these strippers are being forced to work – In fact, most appreciate and value their jobs. However, they expect guests to respect their work. No unwanted touching, trying to get close, and make sure you don’t try grope them. Using slang, derogatory language is a strict NO. (In case you believe you can take a photo of these pretty girls, DON’T even try. All strip clubs take the privacy of their entertainers on priority)

Try the lap dance, at least once

Okay, many men believe that the lap dance is some kind of weird erotic act, but hold your guns! A lap dance is just what the name says – a dance. However, it can be incredibly fun, and if you have never visited a strip club or tried a lap dance, you should definitely give this a shot. The price of the lap dance is decided by the strip club, and strippers only make a part of the money you pay. You can ask for a VIP room, if the strip club has one, or just request a song for an extra charge. You are allowed, and you definitely should, tip the lady if you like the experience.

Take cash along

For god’s sake, don’t try to tip $1! That’s not even the norm anymore. While it doesn’t mean you need to rain dollars on the lady, a standard tip at most of the famed strip clubs in Dallas is at least $5. Also, keep the cash in your pocket, so that you don’t have to reach your wallet each time.

Misael Veda