If you have never been to a strip club, or gentlemen’s club, the whole experience can be a bit overwhelming and exciting at the same time. It’s fun to have company of friends, but in case you want to go solo, we have a list of pointers below that may come in handy.

  • Select the best club. If you are in South Florida, you will find no dearth of choices in adult entertainment. Popular names, such as Cheetah Gentlemen’s Club, even have sports lounges, so for the big game, you can have the best strippers, awesome food and booze for company.
  • Check the club scene. Some gentlemen’s clubs are full-nude, some are not. Many guests are interested in full-nude, full-friction clubbing experience, and the good news is many gentlemen’s clubs in South Florida have their websites, so you can find all necessary details online.
  • Find the costs. At a gentlemen’s club, there are two kinds of dances – nude table dances and private lap dances. The latter is more expensive, but we promise that it’s worth the experience. Since you are going in alone, you shouldn’t have any reservations with that. Keep in mind the cost of lap dance/table dance is decided by the house.

  • Tipping is a must. Yes, you read that right. Even at posh gentlemen’s clubs, you are expected to tip the strippers. Make sure that you have enough dollars with you, and look around to know what’s the common tip like. It depends largely on the place. For some clubs, $1 bills are just enough, while for more expensive places, you may have to tip more.
  • Follow the basic rules. Do not try and take pictures of the strippers. The servers and bouncers on the floor can take your picture for you, but privacy of the pretty ladies is paramount to all gentlemen’s clubs. If you try to sneak a picture, you will be asked to leave. Also, some clubs do have dress rules. Anything casual is always allowed, but do not wear flip-flips please.

If you want to take your gentlemen’s club experience to the next level, do try a full-friction lap dance, which is unlike anything you may have tried at a regular strip club. Also, keep ordering the booze if you wish to retain the table for at least a couple of hours. Have fun and don’t bother about what other guests are doing!

Misael Veda